Newspaper advertisements for products and services relevant to readers, daily needs are a source of information that is important in a different way from that of the newspaper stories and editorials. In fact, it was 130 years ago - on March 15, 1874, the year after the newspaper's founding - that the Shinano Mainichi Shimbun began referring to advertisements as "reports." Advertisements have been an important means by which Shinmai has maintained its credibility among its readers. While a newspaper gains a large audience by proving its credibility, its value as an advertising medium increases, and steady revenues from advertisements and newspaper sales in turn assures financial stability and independence.

In addition to bottom-of-the-page and full-page advertisements, Shinmai also runs advertisement sections that are seasonal in theme or target a specific audience, and that account for a significant share of total advertising revenues. Furthermore, the use of advertising space continues to diversify: There are advertisements tied in with sales promotion campaigns, corporate advertisements designed to enhance corporate images, opinion advertisements, and personal advertisements. Moreover, with more and more events being held each year (such as reader's events and events sponsored by advertisers), Shinmai's advertising space enhances the leisure time of the people of Nagano Prefecture, promote their health, and encourages their participation in various cultural activities.

Circulation of Weekly Magazines Shukan Matsumoto: 117,000
Shukan Iida: 48,000
Shukan Ina: 48,600
Shukan Suwa: 48,000
Shukan Sakudaira: 48,000

Job Information Magazine Total circulation in northern, eastern, central and southern Nagano Prefecture 489,000

Advertised Events: Between 110 and 120 per year, including lectures, symposiums, educational courses, exhibitions, educational and employment fairs, concerts, sporting events, and outdoor activities.

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