Shinano Mainichi Shimbun's Culture and Sports Event Department is involved in sports events, exhibitions, stage productions, lectures, Japan Pro Baseball official games, shogi and go tournaments, and other events. Co-sponsored by the Shinmai Culture Foundation, the "Shinmai Award", established to commemorate the newspaper's 120th anniversary, is awarded each year to individuals and organizations that make important contributions to Nagano Prefecture. Categories include culture, society, education, industry and sports.

In the field of sports, Shinmai sponsors the Japan Association of Athletics Federation-certified Nagano Olympic Commemorative Nagano Marathon, road races, Ekiden relays and other long-distance races that many local runners have used as a first step to national and international fame.

Furthermore, Shinmai is doing its part to improve and expand the pool of local athletic talent by sponsoring skiing, skating and other winter competitive sports, along with baseball and soccer matches, golf tournaments and other sporting events.

As for exhibitions, Shinmai annually sponsors the spring exhibition of the Japan Academy of Art, and has sponsored exhibitions of the Nitten Foundation and Shinmai projects. Shinmai also coordinates recitals, performances and piano competitions designed to develop new musical talent.
Shinmai established the Shinmai Seminars and Cultural Lectures, which are held in different cities as important means of interchange between Nagano Prefecture and the Tokyo area, inviting important figures in culture and business. In addition, the Health Forum, held with the cooperation of Shinshu University's School of Medicine, has helped promote long and healthy lives for the people of Nagano Prefecture.

The Shinmai Culture Fundation
The Shinmai Culture Foundation supports various cultural organizations, and provides prizes for athletic events. The Foundation also provides the Shinmai Prize, which is awarded to prominent individuals and organizations who made important contributions in culture, arts, and sports.

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