Shinano Mainichi Shimbun is publishing works regarding the culture, scenic beauty and traditions of Nagano Prefecture, and also provides information nationwide in perspective. Shinmai has established a solid reputation with such works as "A History of Shinano", regarded as an important work of local history research; "The Complete Works of Issa", winner of the Mainichi Shuppan Culture Award; and "The Children of Shinshu - in the Twentieth Century", winner of the Regional Publication Cultural Merit Award.

Our illustrated reference books and magazines about Nagano's flora and fauna are immensely popular and cover a wide range of subjects, from alpine flora to trees, mushrooms, edible wild plants, animals, wild birds, insects and fish, to name just a few. Since Nagano Prefecture is a mountainous region known as"the roof of Japan", we published "The Northern Alps (Volumes I and II)" and many other books and photograph collections about these mountains and climbers.

Our publications also cover a wide range of other subjects, such as history, social sciences, geography, literature, education, folklore, and various everyday matters. Our series of deluxe books on paintings by artists who were born or currently reside in Nagano Prefecture have been well-received.

Various popular handbooks for hobbies and how-to books have been published. For many years we have been publishing the annual "Shinmai Almanac"with types of stories and information that are widely read and used by the people of Nagano.

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