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Basic Concept of the Nagano Olympic Games

Nagano Olympics Committee (NAOC)'s Planning and Finance Committee met on October 8, 1992 in Nagano City, and defined the significance of the Nagano Olympic Games as "a bridge to the 21st century," and it drew up three basic ideals of the Nagano Olympic Games: (1) the wisdom of the new era, (2) coexistence with nature, and (3) peace and friendship.

NAOC has been promoting on the historical significance of the Nagano Olympic Games, the image of the Olympic Games which Nagano wishes to realize, and the feelings of the local community in welcoming the event. The basic ideals follow the "beautiful Winter Olympic Games in the global era" which Nagano stated as the concept underlying the initial invitation, and "the hope embodied in inviting the Olympics to Nagano" in its reply to the International Olympics Committee (IOC) in the initial stage of invitation.

The themes of international sports events held in Japan in recent years have been varied:, it was "Sapporo Olympic Games, with enthusiasm and cooperation of everyone" for the Sapporo Winter Olympic Games, "Asian Harmony, sharing inspiration, and joining in friendship" for the Asian Games in Hiroshima, and "Sports transcends national borders" for the '95 Fukuoka Universiade. (originally run October 8, 1992)

Vision for the 1998 Nagano Olympic Winter Games

The Nagano Olympic Games
are a link to the 21st century,
inspiring our search for wisdom for the new era,
respect for the beauty and bounty of nature,
furtherance of peace and goodwill.
Friends worldwide are heartily welcome
to share, in the spirit of competition and fair play,
the joys and glory
of the XVIII Olympic Winter Games.

The Nagano Olympics Committee (NAOC), at its meeting in Tokyo on March 23, decided "The Basic Plan for Producing the '98 Nagano Olympic Games."

NAOC defined three "aims of the Nagano Olympic Games": (1) Encouraging and realizing the participation of children, (2) coexistence with the beauty of nature, and (3) realizing a sports festival of peace and friendship. In line with each of these objectives:

* A large number of children will be participating in the Olympic Flame relay, the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and international youth camp. And there will be discount tickets for children.

* Energy-conservation systems will be built for the indoor event facilities, and low-pollution vehicles will be used.

* Starting one year before the event, cultural and artistic programs with an international atmosphere will be implemented.

In addition, NAOC intends to manage the Olympic Games with a view to cutting down costs, entertainment, and use of information systems, so that the '98 Nagano Olympic Games will long be remembered as the "Olympic Games of fraternal spirit and participation." (originally run March 23, 1995)

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