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S. Korea takes the gold in w short track skating

(White Ring, Nagano City)
19:00- Start

South Korea mined gold in both short track speed skating events Tuesday night at Nagano's White Ring ice arena, as the women shattered the world record in the 3,000-meter relay.

The South Korean women's team of An Sang Mi, Chun Lee Kyung, Kim Yun Mi and Won Hye Kyung eclipsed the existing world record by more than a second and a half with a time of 4 minutes 16.26 seconds, beating out rival China which came in at a close 4:16.383.

Meanwhile, Kim Dong Sung took the gold medal in the men's 1,000 meters with a time of 1:32.375, beating by the length of skate boot China's Li Jiajun, who came in at 1:32.428 and Canada's Eric Bedard who got the bronze in 1:32.661, in the evening's closest race.

Four years ago in Lillehammer, South Korea also won both races, while Tuesday night China took the two silvers and the surprising Canadians took both of the bronzes.

In the women's relay, China led most of the race until South Korea's Kim overtook Yang Yang (A) on an exchange with less than three laps to go. The defending champions never relinquished the lead.

''We've been in that kind of situation before where we are trailing, so a lot of our training has been working on overtaking,'' said Chun Lee Kyung, who was on the gold medal team in Lillehammer.

Chun said the gold was a product of hard training, while also crediting her team for staying calm throughout the furious 27-lap race which includes up to 15 change-overs.

Japan, which also made the four-team final, finished out of the medals after one Japanese racer fell down, ruining what would have been a good chance for some Olympic hardware.

In the preliminaries South Korea, China and Japan all broke the existing Olympic record.

During the men's 1000, Li led the nine-lap race most of the way, but appeared to relax just a little too much coming around the final bend and as Kim gave a final push and left the surprised Li with the silver. (Kyodo News)

Results of short-track speed skating men's 1,000 meters finals Tuesday in the 18th Olympic Winter Games at White Ring, Nagano:

Final A (1st to 4th place)

1. Kim Dong Sung, South Korea 1 minute, 32.375 seconds
2. Li Jiajun, China 1:32.428
3. Eric Bedard, Canada 1:32.661
4. Andrew Gabel, U.S. 1:33.518

Final B (5th to 8th place)

1. Naoya Tamura, Japan 1:32.927
2. Fabio Carta, Italy 1:33.015
3. Lee Jun Hwan, South Korea 1:33.131
4. Matthew Jasper, Britain 1:34.285


Final standings

1. Kim Dong Sung, South Korea
2. Li Jiajun, China
3. Eric Bedard, Canada
4. Andrew Gabel, U.S.
5. Naoya Tamura, Japan
6. Fabio Carta, Italy
7. Lee Jun Hwan, South Korea
8. Matthew Jasper, Britain

Results of short-track speed skating women's 3,000-meter relay finals Tuesday in the 18th Olympic Winter Games at White Ring, Nagano:

Final A (1st to 4th place)

1. South Korea (Chun Lee Kyung, Won Hye Kyung, An Sang Mi, Kim Yun Mi) 4 minutes, 16.260 seconds (W)

2. China (Yang Yang, Yang Yang, Wang Chunlu, Sun Dandan)

4:16.383 (W)

3. Canada (Christine Boudrias, Isabelle Charest, Annie Perreault, Tania Vicent) 4:21.205 (O)

4. Japan (Ikue Teshigawara, Chikage Tanaka, Nobuko Yamada, Sachi Ozawa) 4:30.612


Final B (5th to 8th place)

1. United states (Caroline Hallisey, Amy Peterson, Erin Porter, Cathy Turner) 4:26.253

2. Netherlands (Anke Landman, Maureen De Lange, Melanie De Lange, Ellen Wiegers) 4:26.592

3. North Korea (Jong Ok Myong, Ho Jong Hae, Hwang Ok Sil, Han Ryon Hui) 4:27.030

4. Germany (Susanne Busch, Anne Eckner, Yvonne Kunze, Katrin Weber)


(W=World record, O=Olympic record)


Final standings

1. South Korea

2. China

3. Canada

4. Japan

5. United States

6. Netherlands

7. North Korea

8. Germany

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